MessageApp enables people everywhere access the messages of their favorite Pastors.

For Churches

MessageApp connects you to the thousands of people who love your messages.

MessageApp is designed to help you reach people who do not already attend your church - and there are more people outside the walls of your church than there are in it.

For End Users

MessageApp gives you access to all the messages you want, by all the Pastors you love, at the ease and convenience of your smartphone.

You no longer have to visit several websites or install several churches’ apps to get the messages you want. With MessageApp, you have everything you need in one place.

How It Works

Create an account for your church on MessageApp.
Upload all your audio mesages to MessageApp.
End-users access your messages on their mobile devices via MessageApp.

Why Choose MessageApp?

Larger Audience
MessageApp would attract significantly more people than your individual website or app ever could standing on its own. Because all the pastors your audience loves will be there.
Great Infrastructure
MessageApp is built on world class technology infrastructure, so that thousands, or even millions of people can get your messages at any time without a hitch.
Built for the Customer
MessageApp is designed with the end user in mind, to give them an experience they could never get using existing solutions.
It’s Free!
The basic version of MessageApp is free. What’s more, we pay you royalties on every message of yours that users purchase on our app.

Need to know more?
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