Upload Basics
When uploading or updating a message, please note the following:
  1. The maximum file size of audio files is 100MB and only MP3 files are allowed.
  2. The maximum file size of image files is 1MB and only JPG, JPEG and PNG files are allowed.
  3. The title of each message must be unique. You cannot upload two messages with the same title.
To upload a new message
  • Upload the audio file of the message.
  • Provide an album art for the message.
  • Fill the meta data of the upload form using the following guidelines.
    • Type the title of the Message in the Title field.
    • Select the preacher title from the dropdown in the Preacher Title field.
    • Type the name of the preacher in the By field.
    • Select the date the message was preached using the Date field.
    • If the Preacher Picture dropzone displays, provide a picture of the preacher.
    • Tags are optional and a message can have a maximum of three tags.
      To enter a tag, type the tag name e.g "prayer" without the quotes and press Enter.
    • If the message being uploaded belongs to a series, type the title of the series in the Series Title field.
      The series title field is optional because not all messages belong to a series.
To view all uploaded messages
  • Log in to your MessageApp account.
  • Click "Manage Messages" in the sidebar.
  • All uploaded messages are displayed with the most recent first.
To edit a message
  • Log in to your MessageApp account.
  • Click Manage Messages in the sidebar.
  • Click the title of the message you want to edit.
  • Current message meta data is preloaded into each field.
  • Edit any of the fields and click "Submit" to save changes.